With Love

Let your anger be out of love, with love.
Let your anger be, cause you care.
Not to irk, but with love.

Never turn back,
nor hold tight,
nor cling to
 the things, that break you down.

Let things go free, with love.
set your soul free.
Let things come from your heart,
with love, not wrath.
Let your acts be of just,with love.
Let the flowers of love blossom, not hatred.
Cause you only live once
Let the only one life fill with love.


The unexpected fear come true.

 had worked harder this time , and I had also scored higher for my 12th exams.My mind just went blank , I didn’t know what should I say to my parents..

I came back from the internet cafe. Mom was looking through the window, she was waiting for me. I opened the door trying to put a fake smile on my face..

“Was your name there on the list?”Dad asked me. “No dad,I guess I’ll make it in the second allotment”.

“What if you don’t? Didn’t’ I tell you that you’re not gonna make it if you don’t get 90 and above!. 

Isn’t 85 a good mark ? I even worked hard to score that much. I wanted to say to my dad.

“All you can do now is pray,pray until the almighty hear your cries” mom said. 

(To be continued)